Sunday, January 09, 2011

character turnaround

A quick turnaround for the character below. I exaggerated the size of his tail to give him a more comic quality.

Name: Mr (judas) Wormington
Age: 30

frustrated and tense
he's lives in the forests bordering a big city.
He considers the city too dangerous and chaotic.
Recently he's become unable to relax and gets more tense every day.
His greatest fear is that he will have a heart attack, he worries about that a lot!

He starts meditating to relax but worries that he's not doing it right.
He went to see a famous dog guru in the city. He saw how relaxed the dog was because its owners loved him and provided for his every need. He decided that that's what he needed so he picked a house and decided to live with the family. The family was not very happy to see him. There was lots of screaming, running about, and throwing things at him. He learned to pretend to be household objects in order to hide in plain sight but he never learned to relax. In the end he returned home to his real family, his wife their and 5 baby possums.

He wants a different life. A life of laughter and jokes but all life send him is more things to worry about.


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