Monday, April 17, 2006

Rumble Roses XX - review

This xbox360 game focuses on all womens mixed martial arts wrestling/fighting. Most games take themselves too seriously... this game doesn't make that mistake. It has a playful B-movie attitude towards its subject matter and very simple controls. Its the perfect game for anyone who has always wanted to like fighting games but has always found their controls frustrating. The controls only take 5 minutes to learn because they are context sensitive. The core game play is fun and doesn't require a large investment of time. Yes Oblivion is a better game but it requires at least a two hour investment of time in order to have as much action, adventure, and fun as you get in ten minutes alone with the beautiful women of Rumble Roses XX.

The production values are very high the models and animations for the most part live up to next gen expectations. The only areas where it falls apart are in the reversals... there just aren't enough animations to account for all the possible positions these can be triggered in so you will sometimes see pops. Also hands and faces are lacking in animation for many sections of the game which sometimes makes the beautiful models feel like mannequins. The AI is top notch and is able to keep up even with large numbers of moves and strange situations that come up. The only aspects of the game that feels incomplete or poorly defined are the unlockables. The game starts with half the characters locked and gives the player no clues on how to unlock them. I get the feeling that the developers did this to keep players from becoming obsessed with getting the unlockables and rushing through the game. The result is that you are forced to just play the game at your own pace and you will be pleasantly surprised when you unlock something special or get a shot at a title. Who in their right mind would want to rush through this game anyways... so please take it slow and stop to smell the roses.


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