Thursday, January 13, 2011

Villain character design

Villain profile:

name - Baccara
type genus - rosa/rose
age - 200+
height - 1.5 feet (from bud to stem clipping)
disposition - beautiful, selfish, self absorbed, unbalanced
motivation - pursuit of beauty, escape from the ravages of time
surroundings - surrounds herself with beautiful, plants, art, and music
loves - newly bloomed flowers, perfume, fresh rain water, bright sunny days
hates - aging, wilting, and the passage of time

favorite drink - an elixir made from tears strained through a filter made of fresh rose petals. best if made from tears of joy rather than tears of pain or sorrow but she enjoys both flavors

favorite place - The sunny meadow beyond her grove. She lives in a small grove perpetually shaded by a large mountain. She avoids direct sunlight because of its aging effects.

friends and family - her closest companion is the clumsy caterpillar that acts as her servant. She treats doesn't treat him with respect but she is the only one who has ever noticed him so he is happy for what little attention she gives him.

social connections - While she lives primarily a solitary secluded life twice a year she holds a concert in her grove for all the most important flowers from the meadows below. She sings beautiful arias that move all who hear them. After the concert she invites the youngest and most beautiful flowers to return later for a private concert. She sings till they are so moved that they weep openly at which point she collects their tears. If they aren't moved to tears she gets enraged and tortures them capturing their tears of pain and torment instead. Those flowers are never seen or heard from again. The tears are used to create the elixir that has helped her live so long.

villainy - premeditated murder and torture over 200+ years.


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