Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sculpture Studio Drawing Salon - life drawing

watercolor idol

experimenting with a watercolor paint program on my ipad.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Figure Drawing

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

figure drawing

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Don Bluth's wisdom

Here's Mr Bluth showing me how to make my
character more appealing from the side view...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

baccara redesign

Villain character design

Villain profile:

name - Baccara
type genus - rosa/rose
age - 200+
height - 1.5 feet (from bud to stem clipping)
disposition - beautiful, selfish, self absorbed, unbalanced
motivation - pursuit of beauty, escape from the ravages of time
surroundings - surrounds herself with beautiful, plants, art, and music
loves - newly bloomed flowers, perfume, fresh rain water, bright sunny days
hates - aging, wilting, and the passage of time

favorite drink - an elixir made from tears strained through a filter made of fresh rose petals. best if made from tears of joy rather than tears of pain or sorrow but she enjoys both flavors

favorite place - The sunny meadow beyond her grove. She lives in a small grove perpetually shaded by a large mountain. She avoids direct sunlight because of its aging effects.

friends and family - her closest companion is the clumsy caterpillar that acts as her servant. She treats doesn't treat him with respect but she is the only one who has ever noticed him so he is happy for what little attention she gives him.

social connections - While she lives primarily a solitary secluded life twice a year she holds a concert in her grove for all the most important flowers from the meadows below. She sings beautiful arias that move all who hear them. After the concert she invites the youngest and most beautiful flowers to return later for a private concert. She sings till they are so moved that they weep openly at which point she collects their tears. If they aren't moved to tears she gets enraged and tortures them capturing their tears of pain and torment instead. Those flowers are never seen or heard from again. The tears are used to create the elixir that has helped her live so long.

villainy - premeditated murder and torture over 200+ years.

Khula character design

Name: Khula
type: young female Axolotl (Wooper Rooper) 4 years old
Personality :strong willed yet quite and self absorbed. A daydreamer.
Loves: floating upside down looking up at the stars.
Hates: Living in fear, strange traditions that make her parents fearful.
Dreams about: swimming to the stars and back.
Fears: the end of the world, the wrath of the gods.
Goal: Wants to confront the gods and find out why they don't care about mortals. Hopes to change them.

world -
Khula lives with a small community of Axolotl in a small forest pond. Its a simple quiet life except for the strange rumbles of the distant volcano and common earthquakes. The community lives in fear of those dangers and the vengeful gods that use them to torment all mortal life. Their lives are filled with countless ceremonies and rituals meant to please these angry gods.

conflict -
One day a massive earthquake splits the earth beneath their pond and the water and all the Axolotl are sucked down into the fiery depths. Khula was spared because she was daydreaming near the edge of the pond and held onto a rock. She began to panic as the loneliness and the weigh of the waterless void pressed in all around her... eventually darkness consumes her. She awakes to find that her body has changed and that she can breath the thin air. Thunder echoes across the sky like a bellow of taunting laughter and lighting outlines the shape of the distant volcano and the home of the gods. Khula decides to travel to that mountain in order to give the gods a piece of her mind and to kick them off their holy mountain. She begins dragging herself towards the distant mountain .

Axolotl -
They are a type of salamander that normally live their entire lives underwater but if their living conditions change their bodies go through a strange transformation that allows then to breath air and walk on land. Young Axolotls have an amazingly cute face with a giant head and tiny little eyes spaced wide apart.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

character turnaround

A quick turnaround for the character below. I exaggerated the size of his tail to give him a more comic quality.

Name: Mr (judas) Wormington
Age: 30

frustrated and tense
he's lives in the forests bordering a big city.
He considers the city too dangerous and chaotic.
Recently he's become unable to relax and gets more tense every day.
His greatest fear is that he will have a heart attack, he worries about that a lot!

He starts meditating to relax but worries that he's not doing it right.
He went to see a famous dog guru in the city. He saw how relaxed the dog was because its owners loved him and provided for his every need. He decided that that's what he needed so he picked a house and decided to live with the family. The family was not very happy to see him. There was lots of screaming, running about, and throwing things at him. He learned to pretend to be household objects in order to hide in plain sight but he never learned to relax. In the end he returned home to his real family, his wife their and 5 baby possums.

He wants a different life. A life of laughter and jokes but all life send him is more things to worry about.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

character designs class

Some possum character designs